CARE : Caring for Animals, Respecting the Earth provides online resources and access to help motivate and take the first steps to action for those who are passionate about nature and protecting the planet. When I started AUDREY4CARE,  I had no idea where to begin, so I developed a website that would provide resources to help people take the necessary steps to support and protect the planet. I want to use the knowledge I have gained from my own experiences to enable current and future generations to take care of the global environment.

Top Environmental News Stories  from April 2024 -

Insights & Resources : Wildlife Exploration

Insights & Resources : Environmental Organization 

Insights & Resources : Climate Change

Insights & Resources : Sustainable Finance and Investing

Insights & Resources : Energy Transition

Insights & Resources : Alternative Proteins

Insights & Resources : Food Systems and Security

Insights & Resources : Renewables and Low-Carbon Solutions

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